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Communities across Nunavut continue to face challenges when it comes to developing economic opportunities and becoming fully active participants in the conservation of their natural resources.

The Nunavut Community Aquatic Monitoring Program, or N-CAMP, was created to respond to these challenges. The program was set up by the Fisheries and Sealing Division of the Government of Nunavut, and its primary objectives are to both build community capacity and develop economic potential. While N-CAMP is modelled on monitoring programs in other parts of Canada, the program has been adapted to the Nunavut environment through a series of extensive consultations with communities and stakeholders in Nunavut.

Developing Nunavut Communities, Preserving Nunavut Resources

  • Our Mission - Empowering communities by providing active training in sustainable fisheries and aquatic ecosystem monitoring.


  • Our Vision - To allow Nunavummiut to be fully engaged as stewards of their aquatic resources, primarily fisheries, through community-based monitoring, training, and sharing Inuit knowledge and scientific data.

N-CAMP was set up in 2012. Since that time, the program has taken steps to establish a Pilot Project that will train Nunavummiut in water and fish monitoring techniques. At present, data on fish stocks and water quality are only gathered in piecemeal fashion; the program will help to remedy this situation by establishing the foundation for a reliable monitoring system throughout Nunavut. Participants will learn the basic monitoring standards that are essential to the creation of commercial fisheries. It will also create opportunities for Nunavummiut to acquire valuable skills and certifications. This will enable them to pursue further careers in environmental agencies, commercial fishing, as well as in other areas.

The  program is designed to be both practical and innovative, bringing together scientific research with traditional Inuit knowledge. It will ensure that the methods and standards needed to provide crucial information regarding Nunavut fish stocks and water quality are met. It will accomplish this goal in cooperation with Nunavut communities. The program will continue to be updated and delivered with feedback from these communities so that it responds to the needs of Nunavummiut and incorporates Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) values.

N-CAMP aims to contribute to the creation of strong Nunavut communities. It aims to enable Nunavummiut to become stewards of their natural resources and to fully participate in the responsible economic development of these resources.