Nunavut Coastal Aquatic Monitoring Program Successfully Launched in Igloolik and Coral Harbour


The Honourable Johnny Mike
Minister of Environment

Mr. Speaker, aquatic monitoring and access to fisheries development opportunities and in Nunavut are being improved thanks to the Department of Environment’s new Nunavut Community Aquatic Monitoring program.

The Nunavut Community Aquatic Monitoring Program, or N-CAMP for short, is a training and data collection program that gives Nunavummiut first-hand experience in fisheries research and development. The program has been developed in partnership with communities across Nunavut and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, with funding from the Nunavut General Monitoring Program.

Three communities are piloting the program. The first camp took place in Igloolik in March, followed by Coral Harbour in April. Both were great successes, with a total of 18 graduates working together to share knowledge and plan for further fisheries development. During the Igloolik camp participants caught and sampled 200 fish, some of which were donated to a community feast where seven graduates were presented with their training completion certificates. The final pilot camp will be held in Kugluktuk in early September, and other communities are already inquiring about running an N-CAMP of their own.

Mr. Speaker, this unique training opportunity will increase capacity in the fisheries industry and ensure the success of community-based fisheries, whether for personal or commercial use. My department hopes to deliver the N-CAMP throughout the territory in support of other exploratory fisheries and community research. The pilot camps are being filmed in order to develop further educational resources for future programing.

Qujannamiik, Mr. Speaker.